Skandinaviska Osteopathögskolan is excited to announce dates for 2022 post-graduate courses. Stay tuned – more information will follow.

Supporting Health – 4-5th April 2022 at Skandinaviska Osteopathögskolan

Lecturer: Michael Harris

This mixed theory and practical course will explore how as osteopaths we help patients to look after themselves. Particular areas covered with 4 lectures and 4 practical sessions include lymphatics, the influence of oxytocin, cerebral spinal fluid and IVM role in brain health.

About Michael Harris: Michael is an UK-based osteopath with a wealth of experience having been in clinical practice for 30 years. His patients range from new-born babies to the very old. Alongside his busy clinical work, he has an enthusiasm for teaching which takes him all over Europe as a highly regarded teacher in osteopathy and particularly cranial techniques. He has a special interest in the interplay between mind, emotion and body and enjoys working with complex and long term patterns presenting in individuals, and how psyche and feelings express themselves in the body.

Course Times: 09-17 with hour for lunch
Course Fee: 3280kr (+ moms)

A Masterclass in Touch – 7-8th May 2022 at Skandinaviska Osteopathögskolan
Lecturers: Gudrun Goransson and Hazel Mansfield

This one and a half day course will mix theory with practical in a stimulating and inspiring way to help level up your knowledge and application of touch in your everyday clinical practice. This fast-developing subject is reviewed via mini lectures and discussions including types of touch, the neuroscience and effects of touch, considerations of touch in osteopathic treatment and more. Practical elements will include palpation skills and types of touch, review of indirect or functional treatment techniques such as BLT, BMT and unwinding. Finally we will explore clinical applications in particular common cases, for example the acute patient, the sceptical patient, the stressed patient. A really special course that combines theory with practical techniques. Level up your touch skills and get up to date with the latest understanding of touch, a powerful part of our work as osteopaths.

Course times: 7th May 13:00-17:00, 8th May 09:00-16:30
Course Fee: 2800kr (+ moms)
Email us at to sign up. Don’t forget to mention which course you want to attend.

Knee and Shoulder Masterclass – 28th August 2022 at Skandinaviska Osteopathögskolan
Lecturers: Roger Nordstrand and Camilla Ahlberg, both osteopaths, with Lars Peterson, Professor Orthopedics

This mixed theory and practical course will review common acute and overuse injuries affected the shoulder and knee: two of the most common peripheral joints that osteopaths see problems with. You will be taken through key rehabilitation considerations and how to begin this process, and shown the most effective exercises used by Roger and Camilla in their clinical practice.

Lars Peterson, consultant orthopaedic surgeon, will discuss cartilage injuries and review high level orthopaedic testing for the knee and shoulder joints. One not to miss to level up your assessment and management of knee and shoulder injuries and have your patients improving faster and more effectively.

Course times: 09:00-17:00 with hour for lunch
Course Fee: 1680 (+ moms)