Welcome to a digital open house / information evening!

What does an osteopath do? How long is the education? What subjects does the programme consits of? How is the student clinic built? On the 28th of March at 17.30-19.00 (GMT) SKOHS is hosting an digital open house to answer all your questions! 

As an osteopath you will not only diagnose and treat patients in pain but also treat the whole person. You will learn how biomedical, psychoemotionall and social factors can influence the patients health and pain experiance. Osteopathy is well recognised and appreciated for its holism and ability to treat and care a wide array of patients and dysfunctions.

Skandinaviska Osteopathögskolan is suitaded in Gothenburg, Sweden. We run a four year Bachelor programme in osteopathy. The studies are full time but lectures run 5 days a month which makes for a unique and conventient way of living outside of Sweden but still persuing your dream career in health care.  


Welcoming and tour of facilities

Principal Erik Gry will present on osteopathy, osteopathic education and SKOHS programme.

Small presentation on Icelandic osteopathy

Questions and answers

Registration to the diigital open house 28th of March

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See you there!